Spanish hunting dogs

The Horrors of the Spanish Hunting Dogs

I have touched on it briefly several times, including in yesterday’s post about the Galgo Espanol: the Spanish hunting dogs have to endure very cruel circumstances – not only during but also after the hunting season. Which dogs are hunting…

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Portrait Galgo espanol

About the Galgo Espanol

The Galgo Espanol, or Spanish Greyhound, is the third Spanish dog breed I want to dedicate a post to. After the Bodeguero Basics and 5 Facts about Podencos, it is now time to find out a little bit more about…

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Impressions from a Spanish council pound #dogs #spain #adoptdontshop

Impressions from a Spanish Council Pound

A Spanish council pound is generally not the clean, well kept, safe place for dogs that it should be. Most Spanish council pounds are overcrowded and understaffed. There are hardly any funds available, as even though it’s a council pound,…

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podenco week2

The Best of – Week 2

This week I introduced a new series of posts to my blog: the milestones. These posts are real life stories about times Anuska did something for the first time. People who don’t have experience with rescue dogs may not think…

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Oh Those Bloody Ticks!

It’s that time of year again, here in Spain at least. From March/April, tick season starts. Due to the changing wet to warm weather we currently have, they are LOVING it at the moment. Every time I take my dogs…

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One happy podenco

8 Things That Make My Podenco Happy

Reading stories and Facebook updates about other Podencos online, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hobbies and characters. It was actually fellow Spanish rescue and Podenco Pol (he is nothing short of gorgeous, available for adoption and currently…

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Milestones: Walkies with Friends

I think all parents can relate to the fact that nothing gives more joy than seeing your baby do well. Last week, Anuska went out for walkies with friends. Without me. For the first time ever. Talking about milestones! Anuska…

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Please will you play?

Milestones: Anuska’s First Play

Adding a new dog to your family is lovely, but it is not uncommon for it to unsettle matters somewhat at the same time. Anuska’s first few weeks with us was a worrying time for me. As is often the…

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