Day of the Podenco

May 1st: Day of the Podenco

After February 1st was chosen to be the Día del Galgo (the day of the Galgo), to raise awareness for Galgos and their brutal existence, today is the Day of the Podenco. Why do we need the Day of the…

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One happy podenco

8 Things That Make My Podenco Happy

Reading stories and Facebook updates about other Podencos online, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hobbies and characters. It was actually fellow Spanish rescue and Podenco Pol (he is nothing short of gorgeous, available for adoption and currently…

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5 Facts about Podencos

My site is called My White Podenco, and I keep mentioning that word! To people in Spain it won’t be much of a mystery, but it’s easy for me to forget that to the rest of the world, Podencos are…

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