About us

Who am I?

My name is Marije. I am originally from The Netherlands, but I have been living in southern Spain / Gibraltar for the last 10 years.

I used to be a cat person and even though I still love cats, I have fairly recently acquired a love for dogs. Getting a rescue dog properly opened my eyes to what I  already knew deep down: the situation of most dogs in Spain is disgraceful.


Why this website?

Being exposed to the harrowing circumstances in the pound where I found my Skippy, really touched me and made me want to help raise awareness about the plight of these innocent animals. Then when my own white Podenco, Anuska, entered my life, I struggled to learn more about the breed as there was little information available in English.

Therefore, I intend to use this website not just to share personal stories about my crazy white dog. I want it to be more than that, much more. I envisage this website to become a valuable web-resource where people are able to find out more about the different Spanish hunting dog breeds, become aware of their often desperate and dire situations, while learning about the joys of giving these discarded animals a second chance in life.

Of course I won’t forget the personal element. My dogs get up to many things and you would be missing out if I wasn’t to share at least some of their antics!


Get in touch!

I would love to hear from people who have shared similar experiences or feel they can make a contribution to making this website the valuable resource I want it to become. Also I am willing to share my experience with anyone who may have any questions about adopting a dog from Spain. Leave a comment on one of my blog posts or email me on marije@mywhitepodenco.com.

One thing to note is that I am not, nor do I pretend to be, an expert on dog behaviour or psychology. I have not studied anything to do with dogs nor do I want to make out I am the next Cesar Millanesque dog whisperer. I write from my own experience, out of love for my animals, out of the passion I feel for bringing awareness and education to people about the many, many forgotten dogs in this world in general, and in Southern Spain in particular.