We’re Back!


On the 10th of May, I finished my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. With this came a wave of writing-fatigue, which it seems took nearly 4 months to clear! But…MyWhitePodenco.com is now back in action.


So, how are the dogs?


On the 5th of May, we extended our family with Gitana. It already seems our Galgo has been with us forever. She fitted in seamlessly and is now a happy, balanced dog.


There’s the odd squabble between Gitana and Anuska, who continues to be a highly strung pup – but on the whole things are good and there’s canine harmony.


Skippy is doing very well too. Even though he is a little bit wary of Gitana because she is SO much bigger than him, he is happy she is here. He is full of beans because he is now no longer on the receiving end of Anuska’s rough play and fighting. He enjoys playing with his sister but he also enjoys the new-found peace and quiet.


Because three is not quite enough, I’ve added another canine to the family. Subscribe or check in to read more about that later this week….


Ohh, it’s good to be back! 🙂


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