Happy I have completed the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I Finished the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!


Today’s post is not about dogs. Or not entirely about dogs, at least. Don’t be put off though, as there is quite a significant doggie update in there somewhere!

Today is a happy day because this is day 30 of 30! Day what of what you ask? Well, I have been participating in Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – and this is the last post. Number 30. The cherry on the cake.

As a “thank you” to Sarah and as an encouragement to anyone reading my website who would like to learn more about blogging, today’s post is a review of my 30 days.


How it started


Blogging challenges are just like training for a marathon. A task each day that stretches you, helps you grow, and like training for a marathon it’s never easy. There will be good days and bad days. There will be days that you want to quit, and there will be days when you feel exhilarated and on top of the world.

If this sounds like your kind of fun, then join us.

It does sound like my kind of fun, yet I thought about whether I should join the challenge or not for ages before I actually started. It seemed to be more geared towards business blogs, or people who want to make money somehow. That is not the purpose of my website. I want to share my experiences and raise awareness of the situation of hunting dogs in Spain. Eventually, I decided to ask fellow bloggers’ opinions in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge Facebook group. The members of the group, including Sarah, are always very responsive and managed to reassure me. So I decided to start.


What I learned – about blogging

What a challenge it’s been. In just over 30 days (yes, I was naughty a couple of times) I wrote 30 posts, and I have learned at least 30 things. I could list them all, but that would spoil the fun for people wanting to participate themselves. So here’s my top 3 of things I have learned about blogging during the 30 Day Blogging Challenge:

1. Think like a blogger

A potential blog post can be hidden in many things. Writing for 30 days really got me into the swing of things, and helped me recognise what was and what was not usable for this website. It gave me more awareness of writing for my target audience, which in return helped me come up with a different subject for every post.


Being found on the world wide web these days is all about having the right optimisation on your page. The 30 Day Blogging Challenge pointed me in the right direction, towards helpful tools and tricks. It trained me to be more SEO-minded when I was writing, learn what is and what is not important and..oh it taught me the joys of the green dot when WordPress told me my page has a “good” SEO rating! πŸ™‚

3. Different ways of presenting

There are many different ways of presenting information. I knew this of course. Everyone knows that. However, what the 30 Day Blogging Challenge taught me was how to present things differently within a blog post. I got introduced to tools like Canva and (my favourite) Piktochart, which I used to make my first ever infographic. Both these tools, like the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, are free.


What I learned – about life

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge didn’t just teach me functional things about the use of WordPress and different blogging tools. It went much further than that.

My Anuska is, we think, a cross between a Podenco and a Bodeguero. I knew a bit about these breeds just from seeing her, having other Podenco and Bodeguero owners share their experiences with me and my contacts within the Spanish Stray Dogs charity. The third breed of Spanish hunting dogs I wanted to focus on on this page, the Galgo Espanol, I had not had much exposure to. During my research I fell in love with the characteristics of this breed, and during my visit to the shelter in La Linea de la Concepcion, where I live, I fell in love with a Galgo girl called Gitana.

A week after meeting Gitana for the first time, I had not stopped thinking about her. To cut a long story short, I now have a dog family of 3. Yes. I decided to adopt Gitana from Animal in Need. Everything is going very well, but I will write more about her in a future blog post.


I bet this is the biggest reward the 30 Day Blogging Challenge has ever brought anyone! πŸ™‚

Because of the nature of my website, during a lot of the research I conducted I learned more about my subject matter. Even though I had a pretty good idea of the situation before I started, the reality of the tragedy lived by millions of Spanish hunting dogs has really hit me now I’ve reached day 30. This ensures that despite the challenge being over, I will still keep writing and raising awareness – for all the dogs that have not been as lucky as Skippy, Anuska and Gitana.



  • goh jammer dat de 30 dagen voorbij zijn ! was (bijna) iedere dag weer een festje om te lezen. DANK !!

  • Congratulations, I too appreciate that green dot, I am on day 13, so quite a ways to go, but I agree with all your points! I am now just getting into my writing, and thinking blogging all the time!

  • Hi Sarah, Your awesome and had began to particpate in the 30 Day Blog Challenge but have been ill and hospitalized. I m on the mend, making changes and am excited to begin in near future.

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