My White Podenco Spreads Out


Oh yes. Regular readers may have noticed it already. I decided to spread out a bit and extend my corner of the world wide web. My White Podenco now has its own Pinterest and Instagram accounts, where you can not only follow the blog, but also see extra photos of my crazy white dog (and her brother)! I can’t think of more convincing reasons for anyone to follow our pages! 🙂



On Pinterest I have created a board just to pin photos from this blog to. Soon I will start some other boards, where I will create a nice collection of photos of Podencos, Galgos and Bodegueros – and of course of my own dogs! Please follow my blog-board here:, feel free to share and keep an eye out for my future boards!


I love taking photos, so it’s natural that I love Instagram. Yes, I have a life outside my dogs, but my phone is loaded with photos of them. It would be a shame not to share them with the world. Follow My White Podenco on instagram here: I can see this becoming a very active account!


Hmm. I am not sure, and I would love your opinions. Should I or should I not create a Facebook page just for I can see the benefits. I could get the word about the plight of the Spanish hunting dogs out to the world a little bit easier perhaps? Maybe I could reach more people – isn’t EVERYONE on Facebook? But, there are SO many dog rescue pages and perhaps the “market” is getting a bit saturated? People could become complacent. I don’t know. I will sleep on it. Please let me know what you think by contacting me or leaving a comment below.


Once upon a time, I used to be very active on Twitter. I had quite a large group of loyal followers, who were kept up to date on most things going on in my life. At one point, I just lost interest. My Skippy has his own Twitter account too, which I have to admit I haven’t he hasn’t been keeping up very well. Therefore, for now Twitter for My White Podenco has a lower priority. If I decide to do Facebook, chances are I may create a Twitter account as well. Curious to see what Skippy’s had to say for himself? You can follow him here: – and who knows? If he gets some more followers, he may start posting more! 🙂


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