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February, the fear of Spanish Greyhounds


While doing my research for my blog posts, I have come across the most gruesome images and stories about the plight of the Spanish hunting dogs. They have saddened me, horrified me, made me think, made me sick, opened my eyes and opened my heart. I am not ready to share the horrendous images, as I believe that without context these things don’t add value – and I need to get my head around how to get across the correct context before I even consider sharing them.

A little gem that I came across and do want to share however, is a film titled February, the fear of Spanish Greyhounds. This independent documentary reflects the reality of the Galgo, while avoiding the sensational side of things. There are no explicit images in this film, but it gives you an insight to the way the hunting dogs are kept in rural Spain.

The film is called February, as that is the most critical month for the Spanish Galgo. It marks the end of the hunting season and the number of abandoned Galgos during that month keeps rising year on year.

The documentary changes between interviews with environmentalists and animal welfare associations and interviews with hare hunters (greyhound owners). This way, the documentary shows the two faces of the world that surrounds the Spanish greyhound; the exploitation and mass abandonment when the hunting season is over, as opposed to the work done by charities like SOS Galgos.

I can’t recommend this film enough to anyone wanting to find out more about the Galgos, without being horrified by the graphic imagery widely available on the web.



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