weekly summary week 3

The Best of MyWhitePodenco.com – Week 3


This week the posts on MyWhitePodenco.com were a bit more serious. I started this website to share my experiences and raise awareness of the plight of the Podenco and other Spanish hunting dogs. Awareness can’t be raised without telling the full story and being honest about the bad situation of dogs in Spain.

Impressions from a Spanish Council Pound


In this post, I created a collage with some of the photos I took on my visit to a Spanish council pound a few months ago. If you’ve never been to Spain, it is easy to think of dog shelters as clean, clinical, professional organisations where animal welfare is top of the list. Not in Spain. Have a look at my post and please feel free to share my images on Pinterest or other social media.

About the Galgo Espanol


After an introduction to the Bodeguero and Podenco breeds, it was time to introduce you to another wonderful Spanish dog breed: the Galgo Espanol. I visited a local shelter only last week, and fell in love with one of the Galgos there. They are truly wonderful dogs and if I could I would go and pick her up right now. One has to know one’s limitations though, and for me at the moment two dogs is all I should have. She is still on my mind though, you never know what the future holds.. Read this post if you want to find out more about the Galgos and their tragic lives.

The Horrors of the Spanish Hunting Dogs


Following on from the post about Galgos, where I gave a brief introduction to the miseries they have to endure during their lives, in this post I go deeper into the horrors of the Spanish hunting dogs. This was a post I had wanted to write for a long time, but doing the research was quite upsetting and so it had to wait. If you want to share just one of my posts, please make it this one.

Is Spain a Nation of Animal Lovers – an Infographic


This week, as part of Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I dove into the wonderful world of infographics. Continuing the theme of animal abanonment in Spain, I used the infographic to explore whether Spain is a nation of animal lovers or irresponsible people. Have a look at my infographic in this post and I’d love to hear what you think!

May 1st: Day of the Podenco


Thankfully I am not the only person trying to raise awareness for Podencos and the likes. There are many non-profit organisations out there that fight the fight with me. SOS Podenco Rescue is one of these charities and they have christened May 1st as the Day of the Podenco. Want to know how you can get involved? Have a read of this post.

3 Pawfully Funny Dog Websites


Finally, to end this weekly summary on a cheerful note, have a look at this post in which I highlight 3 of my favourite website for doggie entertainment.

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  • jill / just found your website due to poendco post (thank you Beryl) I have a Podenco Canario in the Uk, have had the pleasure of owning since June `10. She is wonderful cannot begin to say how much we adore her. She remains a nervous girl although is getting more confident all the time. She does love to have a cuddle her body is so warm just lovely in the colder nights! I would urge anyone considering adopting one to do so. Yes they will have no idea of what living in a house is all about, but believe me they very soon learn, just love their home comforts, they have have high prey drives but that is just something you have to be aware off it is not a problem nor does it make them any less of a loving pet. My girl is only `switched on` to hunting out over fields, in the home she is restful and in fact lives with two cats. I am so glad much more is being done to promote them as pets.

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