Day of the Podenco

May 1st: Day of the Podenco


After February 1st was chosen to be the Día del Galgo (the day of the Galgo), to raise awareness for Galgos and their brutal existence, today is the Day of the Podenco.

Why do we need the Day of the Podenco?

Uli Schofield, co-director of SOS Podenco Rescue, explains: “It all came about when everyone commemorated the Day of the Galgo. Maria and I (we run SOS Podenco Rescue jointly) thought why isn’t there a day for the Podencos? After all, they suffer the same horrible treatment as the Galgos, perhaps even worse, and they are far more difficult to rehome because many people consider them unsuitable as pets or companion animals – it’s total rubbish but the myth is still out there! So we decided to give the Podencos their very own day.”

Why May 1st?

The Day of the Galgo is on February 1st because it marks the end of the hunting season. So why is May 1st Day of the Podenco? This date was chosen for a variety of well-fitting reasons.

1. It’s Labour Day

Podencos labour long and hard during their working life, so what better day than Labour Day to dedicate to the Podenco. Besides that, it’s a bank holiday here in Spain – which gives me lots of time to spend with my Podenco!

2. It’s the Gaelic Beltane

The Gaelic May Day festival marks a day of new beginnings, re-growth and the awakening of life. I love the symbolism of this day in relation to the abandoned Podencos who are lucky enough to have started a new, better life in their forever homes. For the not yet lucky ones, I believe it signifies hope for a better future. Hope that one day the plight of the Podenco will be well known and fought across the globe.

Get involved!

The Day of the Podenco was brought to life by SOS Podenco Rescue but needless to say, the thought behind the day doesn’t stop at the dogs rescued through them. May 1st is a day for anyone, anywhere, with a love of these wonderful dogs.

One of the main motivations behind me starting this website was to raise awareness for the plight of the Podenco, after I was blessed to get Anuska in my life. Today I am putting this image as my profile picture on Facebook. It’s a gorgeous photo and it looks as if Singha the Podenco, at the setting of the sun, remembers all the Podencos suffering unspeakable terrors at the hands of their hunter owners, out on the bitter streets fighting for survival or incarcerated in the kill shelters.

You can get involved too in spreading the Podenco word. Here’s some ideas how:

  • Update your profile picture with this image
  • Share Podenco posts (like this one)
  • Share your experiences if you have a Podenco in your life

If we keep doing that, the world will soon catch on to what we already know: Podencos are absolutely delightful creatures, and they deserve our protection!



  • I live between estepona and san pedro and if I can help in any way, please contact me. I love the Podencos and got to know more about them when I fostered one for 8 months and who is know happy in the uk living with two other dogs and a cat. He loves his new home and the cat, whom he sleeps with!!!!

  • Having just rescued a Podenco White and Tan I am amazed with their wonderful temperament he loves it when I take him on the campo and let him run free within 30 mins he is back by my side and looking up at me with those trusting eyes. Worn out but happy from chasing rata and rabbits.
    When I take him to my local bar the admiring looks he gets Especially from the Spanish People
    I have had boxers all my life showing them at Crufts But I will say that the Podenco compares with the boxer temperament for being a family dog.

  • telma / Niki, there is a hunting tiatrdion in Spain that is solid and difficult to penetrate and end. Hunting is an economic boost to the shaky economy and no one in authority in the different autonomous areas in Spain will vote against it as it is run by hunters. It is easy to say we need to end it, but the Spanish who are against this sordid tiatrdion even they have a huge battle before them. It must come from within Spain or with pressure from the EU. The good people in Spain who fight for animal protection are up against a society who idolizes the killing of bulls for entertainment..hunting dogs do not even rate as companion animals and are labeled tools of the trade of hunting..laws exist but laws that are not enforced do no good. If the law givers are hunters, I ask you, how will the cycle be broken? I added the link on the Parlimentary Assoc.In Defense of Animals because there is a glimmer of hope. As outsiders here in the US all we can do and will continue to do is help the rescuers/shelters that are inundated with the holocaust of abandonded dogs..we cannot turn from them because the laws are not enforced. Of course we want hunting to end and for enforcement of animal protection but that is no reason not to change the life for one dog at a time. The dogs brought to the US become Ambassadogs for those left behind. So that more people know the plight, so that more people help and so that the rescuers in Spain and the folks trying to change the laws will see that we care..that is what we do..we do what we can..

  • Huge respect to you both, Uli and Maria, for everything you do for these glorious dogs. Keep up the good work! x

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