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The Best of MyWhitePodenco.com – Week 2


This week I introduced a new series of posts to my blog: the milestones. These posts are real life stories about times Anuska did something for the first time. People who don’t have experience with rescue dogs may not think that these events are anything to write home about (literally..) but for my white Podenco, they are a massive step in the right direction towards being a well adjusted pet.

So far, I have covered the following two events:

Milestones: Anuska’s First Play


I was lucky enough to capture the first time Anuska played with Skippy on camera. Watch it here.

Milestones: Walkies with Friends


My white Podenco is turning out to be quite the social butterfly! She went from being grumpy and growly to other dogs, to being able to make friends and go out with them for walks. Despite her mother’s nerves…

I intend to keep this series going throughout the blog.

5 Ways to Avoid Your Dog Becoming a Stray


It doesn’t bear thinking about losing your pet. The thought your baby could end up in a shelter is enough to bring a tear to any dog mother’s eye. This post goes into 5 precautions you can take to minimise the chance of losing your dog, or maximise the chance of getting it back should disaster strike.

8 Things That Make My Podenco Happy


This is my favourite post of the past week. If Anuska’s happy, I am happy. Do you have a Podenco or are you thinking of getting one? Or are you just interested in the breed? Have a read of this. It will give you a practical insight on what it is like to have a Podenco in your life.

Oh Those Bloody Ticks!


Tick season has started here in Spain. What are ticks? What diseases can they transmit? And most importantly, how can you get rid of them? Find the answers in this post.

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  • Isn’t having a dog (or dogs in your case) silmpy wonderful to get you out and about? I love the photographs you’ve included which have warmed this wet and dreary bank holiday (here in Ireland). I particularly love the Yucca and am surprised to see Convolvulus cneorum still in flower. Plants have been rather confused of late given the funny weather we’ve been experiencing.Best wishes for a lovely halloweenEna

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