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8 Things That Make My Podenco Happy


Reading stories and Facebook updates about other Podencos online, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hobbies and characters. It was actually fellow Spanish rescue and Podenco Pol (he is nothing short of gorgeous, available for adoption and currently in a UK foster home, hint, hint!!) and the love for his blanket that inspired me to write this post.

So, here are 8 things that make my Podenco happy:

1. Blankets

Anuska loves comfort. When allowed on the sofa, she will soon seek out the softest spot on the biggest pile of cushions. Her own bed is no different. Skippy has two small blankets, but Anuska has 4 massive ones. And usually feels the need to steal her brother’s…

Podenco in blankets

2. Heat

Being the Spanish dog breed they are, Podencos love heat. Anuska always knows exactly where to find the heat source, whether it be the fire place or the gas heater, she would sit INSIDE it if possible. She secures the best seat in the house for herself, because God forbid she should get cold.. 😉

Podenco by the fire

3. Sunbathing

Following on from loving the heat, is Anuska’s love of sunbathing. Some dogs, like my Skippy, love warmth indoors, but hate being exposed to the Spanish sunshine for too long. Not so with my Podenco.

Podenco Sunbathing

4. Hoarding

Or rather, having anything that anyone else has, and then some. This could range from dog toys (best case scenario) to items of clothing (especially underwear..yep).

Hoarding Podenco

5. Snuggles

Podencos are such a loving, affectionate breed. Anuska loves to give me plenty of kisses and loves to snuggle right into my neck. Combining item 5 with one of the other items higher on this list will land her in pure ecstasy.

Snuggles with Podenco

6. Shit

Yes. Poo. Excrement. Feces. Name it what you want, my Podenco loves it all. In fact, she loves it so much that she wants to cover her whole self in it by rolling in it, head first. All dogs, but hunting dogs in particular, may roll in poo and other smelly substances to mask their own scent from their prey. Anuska hates showers and water in general, but she does not seem to relate the rolling in undesired substances with having to go straight to the shower when we get home..

I haven’t got a good picture to go with this one – I tend to be a bit busy trying to get her clean whenever it happens!

Podenco rolling in poo

7. Digging

Given Anuska’s history with her poorly leg, I am particularly pleased that digging makes my Podenco happy. She uses both front legs to dig like she’s trying to get to Australia. Excellent physio, and it’s free! I realise I am lucky that Anuska only digs in places where it is allowed to dig, like the beach or when we’re out. She has never (touch wood!) dug up the garden. Good girl.

Digging podenco

8. Relaxing

Anuska has tons of energy. She loves to run and play and do all the things listed above. But let’s not forget about the relaxing. Sure. Most dogs like to relax. But I have never seen anyone but a Podenco relax in such…undignified positions.

Podenco Relaxing


All of this and more combined make Podencos delightful pets. If you have a Podenco-shaped hole in your life, check out this post to find some more information about rescue organisations that can help.

If you already have a Podenco, I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.



  • That is so sweet. Everything you are saying about Anuska so much fits to my Podenco Canelo. The fire, the sun, digging etc. same same 🙂
    Great blog…I really enjoy to read the articles.

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