Milestones: Walkies with Friends


I think all parents can relate to the fact that nothing gives more joy than seeing your baby do well.

Last week, Anuska went out for walkies with friends. Without me. For the first time ever. Talking about milestones!

Anuska can sometimes growl at other dogs, or snap. She will sometimes roll in poo, or any dead animal she may come across during walkies. She can suddenly get afraid and run off in another direction, or…

Like the over-sentimental mother that I am, I worried that she would misbehave, then I worried she would get lost, then I saw all kinds of accidents in my mind’s eye and finally I decided whatever would be, would be.

Of course she was absolutely fine. She came back full of beans, with an A* record of behaviour. And me? I couldn’t have been more proud 🙂

Walkies with pablo



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