Week 1

The Best of MyWhitePodenco.com – Week 1


It’s been a busy week here on MyWhitePodenco.com. The site has officially launched, and with me taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I am adding new content daily. That’s a lot to keep up with. Not just for me, but for you as well. That’s why today I’m providing a quick and handy overview of all posts published here in the past week:


Anuska & the Power of Social Media


A brief introduction to my white Podenco, whose rescue inspired me to start this site, and how without social media she would probably not have survived.

Anuska’s Journey in Pictures


As pictures say more than 1000 words, a slideshow about Anuska’s journey from the streets to my heart and home.

5 Facts about Podencos


Podencos are not very well known outside of Spain. Within Spain, they are often used as tools and discarded when no longer needed. Read this post to find out some facts about the clowns of the dog world (and their amazing ears!).

Bodeguero Basics


Another unknown dog breed outside of Spain, Bodegueros make excellent pets to those who give them a chance. Your love will be rewarded with a smile – learn the basics here.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Dog


Adopting a dog has been amongst the most rewarding things I have done. Not just because I saved my puppies’ lives. Are you trying to decide between shopping and adopting? Find out in this post why adoption is the only correct option.

The 11th Reason to Adopt a Dog – Skippy


My secret weapon. Voted “the cutest dog ever” on howcuteismydog.com (give him a bone or 5 while you’re there :)). If anyone thinks rescue dogs are ugly, take a look at Skippy and read his story in this post.

Oh Dear! Demodectic Mange!


Yikes. What are those bald patches on my dog? Yeah – that could be mange. Read more about it in this post. I guarantee you will catch yourself scratching…

Want to Adopt? 4 Dog Rescue Organisations That Can Help


If you think living outside Spain means you can’t enrich your life with a Podenco, Bodeguero, or even a Skippy – think again! Most rescue organisations adopt dogs to many countries worldwide.


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