Skippy in the pound

The 11th Reason to Adopt a Dog: Meet Skippy!


Anuska is not the only dog in my family. It is actually her brother Skippy who was my first canine love.

A few days ago, I posted 10 Reasons to Adopt a Dog. These reasons are true for any rescue dog, of course, and are not just limited to Podencos, Bodegueros or other Spanish hunting dogs. If, after reading my previous post, you are still not sure about why you should adopt rather than shop, or if you have any prejudices about rescue dogs (from “they are always ugly” to “they are full of behavioural issues”), read on as I tell you his story below. Let’s be honest… Who would NOT want a Skippy?

Skippy (then called Yoshi) was found roaming the streets of Algeciras in southern Spain nearly two years ago. He was very underweight, weak and sad to be neglected.

I never really believed in love at first sight, but when I saw his profile on the Spanish Stray Dogs Facebook page, with his dirty, messy hair, I DID instantly feel love.

The feeling only got stronger when I met him for the first time, with his foster family. Such a tiny skinny little thing, but despite his ordeal with a spring in his step! That (and his kangaroo-like colouring) made me decide his new name would be Skippy. I just wanted to take him home and love him!

Skippy’s life has completed changed since being adopted. He’s gone from being abandoned on the street to the “prince of the household”.  Skippy is an absolute delight and loves to play — he has toys galore and every single one of them is his favourite. He loves going out for a play in the garden or a run in the greater outdoors. He is usually a good boy and comes back when I call him…except when there is food involved. Then it’s like he has suddenly gone completely deaf!

He is not always that active, though. Now he has been with me for a bit longer, he has really settled in and is quite happy for a snooze on the sofa, or even better, in my bed…

Skippy is extremely affectionate and loves kisses and snuggles. I believe he laps them up to well and truly make up for any snuggle time he missed out on while he was on the streets.

Skippy old and new

If you too are convinced that rescued is the best breed, and want to change a dog like Skippy’s life, please keep an eye out for my post tomorrow, in which I will introduce you to some local charities which have dogs available for adoption – no matter where you live.


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