Anuska with cast

Anuska’s Journey in Pictures


Given her age and behaviour, we guess Anuska was not properly socialised as a puppy. Puppies are supposed to stay with their mother and siblings until they are at least 8 weeks old, preferably 12. During the first weeks of their life, puppies learn a lot about how to respond to other dogs and how to cope with different situations. I will write more about this subject in a separate blog post, but let’s just say with Anuska’s lack of socialisation came some challenges.

Her journey has not always been easy, but it makes me happy to see her so happy 🙂 She has definitely come a long way. Sometimes pictures say more than 1000 words, so below is an impression of Anuska’s journey from the streets into my heart…

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  • That’s so lovely! Anuska looks so happy and contented, especially when she’s with you 🙂

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